This is the day you say "I do" and whether it is in a garden, a chapel, a rainforest or by the beach, you should be pledging those words of commitment the way you want. Your ceremony is your choice, after all it is the start of your new life together and as my Mum always said, "Start as you mean to go on".    

Love is such a special gift, its knowing, its believing.
Let's celebrate the love you share with giving and receiving.

I look forward to helping you with what will be one of the most wonderful times of your lives. Many memories will be created on this day and I hope to help make it a special time for you, your family and your guests. A time you will remember with a smile, because it was stress-free, fun and exactly what you wanted - all that it should be.

At our initial meeting I will loan you my Wedding Manual with many ceremony suggestions, readings, poetry and rituals etc. We will also fill out the necessary legal paperwork in order to 'activate' the Notice of Intended Marriage. I will explain how to create a ceremony that is totally personal to you and what you wish to express.

What I can offer you:

* Preparations of all legal paperwork including the lodgement of all documents to The Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

* Extensive ceremony writing assistance. I encourage you to personalise your ceremony as much as possible and to include friends or family to present readings or blessings.

*  The use of my exclusive Wedding Manual which contains an extensive range of suggestions for your ceremony including readings, vows, poetry and rituals etc.

* Unlimited consultations necessary to help you prepare a ceremony that is unique to you.

* A rehearsal at the ceremony location which allays all fears of "what to do" and "where to go" etc. This is beneficial for all concerned to help alleviate nerves on the day and makes for a smoother running ceremony.

* The use of a state of the art PA system ensuring your guests will hear every word of the ceremony. This system has a built-in CD player & MP3 input to play your chosen music.

* A professional printed Marriage Certificate and a beautiful bound copy of your ceremony personalised to your theme/colours of the day.

* My arrival at your ceremony at least 30 minutes prior to make sure all is well, fix any possible last minute problems and welcome your guests.

*   I will endeavour to dress to compliment your bridal party colour scheme. 
*   My commitment to making your special day one to remember with a smile.
Please note: If you want a ceremony that is stuffy, uptight, impersonal and without laughter then please contact someone else, as I have no idea how to do those!
What you need to bring to the intial meeting:
1.    Your Original Birth Certificates or Original Birth Extracts or Passport
2.    Photographic ID - Driver's licence or passport.
3.    If either party has been married before then a Decree Nisi of Dissolution of Marriage certificate. If either is widowed then a Death Certificate.
4.    Your sense of humour.

Having trained in the first 'Funeral Course' offered by Australian Celebrations Training Inc. in 2004 I was privileged to learn from many industry professionals and experienced celebrants the value of a well written and presented ceremony. Although this is normally a sad ritual for people to experience it can also be very healing for those left behind if conducted with empathy and love.
I have always wanted to create funeral ceremonies that celebrate and highlight the life of an individual and the contributions they have made. A funeral ceremony encourages the heart to open up to its grief, to heal and to trust in what exists beyond.
"You can shed tears because I have gone, 
and then you can smile because I lived"

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